Lockdown features to add

I think that when a lockdown is triggered, All doors. (Including Front Gate) Should automatically shut.

And when the Lockdown is over, It should open all doors of the cells. So it saves time for others.

They should also add it where when a lockdown is triggered, in the notice prompt it should additionally say: The lockdown has been issued because of: (Reason)

Example: There is an ongoing lockdown. All inmates should be transferred to cells until the lockdown is over. The lockdown has been issued because of: (Reason)

Basically, when the person presses the “Toggle Lockdown” Button, it will say “What is the reason of the Lockdown”.
I always see people saying on radio: Reason for Lockdown/Reason for LD.

My last lockdown feature is when the session room is locked, it should also lock the lockdown to off, except for CP+.


Yeah those are great ideas. I think they should be taken into consideration.

Best regards,
SVGA Head Admin
SVOC Command Officer

Especially the reason part already got suggested and sounds really good since rn we need to verify it via radio.