Lockdown request

I think that this would stop lockdown abuse so how this works is if one is to want a lockdown they would say in coms permission to turn on LD or lockdown request? And the other person would say granted or denied (the only people who can reply are deputy warden+ to stop abuse.

Instead of putting the requests in coms, the request system should have a GUI that pops up on the Deputy Warden or above’s screen when a request is recieved. This will eliminate the possibility of not following commands from the Deputy Warden+.

I can agree but why not make it when someone goes to CR and wants to turn on LD it states their user and rank and level like this: LOLGuyscool3454 - MO - 4
and then it would have a GUI saying Granted - Denied
And if Granted permission LD will engage Immediately after being granted so they don’t have to wait they may leave and this can stop abuse and only DW+ can engage LD Without perms

Agreed, but if abused, you will be kicked.