Lockdown system

I think it would be better if the lockdown has a system what I mean is where like it says lockdown cant be on due to no criminals and I’m suggesting it can’t be on until it reaches over 3 criminals and ranks lower than comm+ can’t be able to turn lockdown on and also when there is a shift on lockdown cant be turned on so all teams know whats the status is.


thats an [EXAMPLE]

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If this is the case then what happens during major prisoner breakouts. The lockdown will cannot be triggered. A better idea is that you have to have a reason for LD which is shown to all COMM+. The Warden of the server must approve the LD before done. If no Wardens then the first DW that joined votes.


lockdown doesn’t go off when inmates are escaping because that’s a matter for ERT it’s not meant to have a hole lockdown umm isn’t my suggestion about having a reason to turn on lockdown if you read my suggestion again I am basically saying that you have to have a reason to turn on the lockdown…

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A better form of this suggestion could be that you need a reason for LD which is shown to COMM+ with the user that turned it on. This is the case because if someone false lockdowns, invalid reason, or reason that is not in effect right now. For example the reason is a major prison breakout but all the prisoners are in their cell right now with no weapons. This is a good idea because it could allow COMM+ to kick Ld abusers

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that is what my suggestion is stop coming up with stuff that I didn’t say which my suggestion literary says

Comm or pi cant votekikc so what you meant is dw+

Don’t mind him he’s just being annoying and is having a FIT about stuff that I am literary saying in my suggestion.

Are you talking to me? It is rude to say i am “having a fit”.

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no not you omg i said him not you.

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100% agreed, In my opinion, the LD button should be only available to PI+, and the highest rank in the server needs to approve it (DW+) if there is no DW+, there shouldn’t be an approval, but still a reason. And if there are like 3 wardens, the one with the highest level gets chosen.


Agree but instead of PI+ it should be COMM+. Thats one of the privlages they get.

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COMM+ can votekick. I have been in Stateview for around a year and the rules are that COMM+ can votekick.

I feel like no approval sounds weird. I mean if there is no DW+ then they should have a vote for all COMM+. They must pass a majority. The vote is only like 5 or 10 seconds as we do not want our officers to be struggling to contain the crims during a non-LD. The more COMM+ there are, the longer the vote. max 10 seconds.

Comm+ does not have VoteKick permissions, only dw does.

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[NOTICE] no more fighting with each other and take it to DMS if your gonna fight…
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no DW+ only can COMM+ is a easy rank to get

This is a good idea, but you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. I think that lockdown should enable every door in the prison to close. And if it get’s opened, it will close a short time afterward. Including cell doors. Also, the gate and all doors to the outside of the prison should be locked and only able to be opened by gaurds, and criminals.

No this was made a long time ago when People kept abusing LD now they don’t so this doesnt need to be here.

Agree,because that often happens server to server when a lower than com+ player abuses LD

I just say, Errr… | And use grammar in-game this in the rules.