Losing levels because of disconnecting from Stateview

  • Description: When my internet goes out it puts u a disconnect message and when you try to join back and it works your levels you gained for that day are all gone.
  • How often does it occur: Every time I disconnect.
  • Where does it occur In State View prison.
  • How to reproduce: Does this mean how to fix it?
  • Video showing the bug: There isn’t a video because it would be impossible to catch it happening because your internet goes out so you wouldn’t be able to take a video. In total I have lost about 20 levels. It would probably do the same if you did a training and got a rank and then disconnected you would probably lose it when you join back.

Well you could as most recorders do not require internet.
But that type of a bug sounds horrible to have and I am sorry it happened to you.

4D fixed it. [spoiler]Gimmemorecharacters[/spoiler]

Don’t worry it’s not your Internet. For some reason the server breaks and everyone disconnects from the server. Yes, I have experienced countless of servers break and me losing Levels/XP. I don’t think there’s a way to fix this issue, since you technically lose all the data you gained during your time being on that server.

I never ever experienced a server break in SV before…

As @dpimpy said before

We have implemented autosaving every 60 seconds to mitigate this issue.