Lowering rank levels, For warden and ranks below that! :D

Lower levels, for warden to 40 it will be funner and more people will be more dedicated and more confident to play! And they will be HAPPY! :smile: because warden is raised to a lower level for the certain rank (Warden) I’m mostly saying this because I’m a Deputy Warden. That’s why I made this (Topic)

Warden should be high so that we don’t end up with 100,000 Wardens.


Some people dont play anymore, so there will be less wardens, thanks for your advice but I don’t think so.

Here we found the problem
You made this suggestion because YOU want to get an easier rank up, not because it’d be good for the game


I would personally make it higher to about 100.

No? Why would I it’s for the other people that why it’s called community additions what they should add and what they want in the game this is mostly for the community not for me. It’s for people that think it’s hard doing so.

It would make warden become too easy, its not a good thing for the community to have twice as many wardens

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We already have 6,000+ wardens as it is.

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<title> Rank Levels
I do not think rank levels should be lowered because if they were, ranks would be too easy to obtain. You may get frustrated if you are a level 50 DW and you just failed a training and you really want Warden, but the rank levels are there for a reason, and I think that reason is to give players time to develop maturity, their grammar and general understanding of the game. If rank levels were reduced, more people who are not ready for the rank Warden may claim it. We don't want more Wardens that are unfit for the rank. 

If warden level was lowered we would have like 75% of players as a frigin warden then then helpers would be CRAZY then there would be no chain of command as well