Main Server Verification Issues

Please include the following in your reports.

  • Description: I can’t be verified in the Stateview main server because it keeps giving me errors every time I try.
  • How often does it occur: Every time I try to verify myself.
  • Where does it occur: Discord, SVP Main Server, Verification.
  • How to reproduce: I don’t know.
  • Picture showing the bug:
  • Roblox_Superfan9977, Warden of SVP. (Discord: Warden Alexander#9977)

Yea, lots of ppl are having this problem

Can someone manually role me? Or what will happen?

I saw that message but i got verified.

If 4D sees this he will manually role you, yes. Its probably being worked on since almost everyone has this issue.

I got manually rolled, and can you tell me about this raid that happened?

The raid was basically a hacker group that compromised treys acc and sent bots there that ruined everything.

They compromised my account :sob: (that guy is called lexicon or something)