Major bug I think

  • Basically if you cuff someone you can get kidnapped by them somtimes
  • Rarely when you cuff someone
  • When you cuff someone
  • I don’t know how to reproduce
  • help - YouTube
  1. Whenever this bug appears, just simply release them and cuff again. Nothing hard to do, trust me. If you’re too lazy to do that, I get it. I also understand that it might be annoying to see this glitch/bug or whatever that is.
  2. Being kidnapped by them? I already told you the answer to that problem. Try using it.

I truly hope that Developers will take this suggestion into consideration and they will eventually fix the issue, although for now try using the solution I posted here. Release and cuff again. That’s it. Have a good one.

It didn’t let me. (more characters jjjjjjj)

me to sometimes when i cuffs they control me i cant move but thay can.

The bug is most likely fixed now so uh, don’t reply to this :<