Make a civilian team

I feel like it would give the guards around the prison a reason to use the entrance and the metal detector there. with the adding of civilians would also mean that there should be a visiting area. I feel like the civilian role would be gained my getting 6 Levels and it would come with an ID. That is all, thank you for reading.

Ok civilian maybe but I think it should be a level like 32 where you have to kinda retire as a DW.

But you can still be DW :confused:
[spoiler]I need a lot more chars[/spoiler]

Yeah I get where you are coming from but that is 32 hours in game for something with no guns or anything, it shouldn’t be that much time in game.

32 levels is pretty easy to get you just need an auto clicker lol,

agree but need more than lv10 it make everyone can play that lv6 to low

Uhhh, no, thats aginst the eules

I’m it’s against the rules I’m being sarcastic :/.