Make a Competition

I think there should be a monthly Competition where anyone who is available can compete maybe for W+ only it would be hosted by PC+ or maybe CoS+ (Still thinking) and 3 OF the best placers would get rewards and this would be like every session except RPC

Place one: 2 - 3 Promos when your ready for them
Place two: 1 - 2 Promos when you are ready for them
Place three: 1 Promo when you are ready

to everyone who did not get a placement they at least get a discord role saying if they had a placement what they placed and if they didn’t Competitive

No, we do not need a competition to get ranks W+. We have inspections. That’s good enough for promotional sessions and imo inspections are still too easy.

Yea no giving away 3 whole promos is a stupid idea, stop trying to suggest stuff to get easier promotions please

Noooo When you are ready so when the administration or whatever thinks your are ready for each rank promo it will be done after each CD of course