Make a inspection calendar

I think inspections should be on a calendar because they are very rare and can sometimes be a pain to find, that’s why I think there should be a calendar that shows what day or what time in each time zone so at least you know when they are happening this calendar may be for W - CP+?

Well, again. I don’t really like this idea because it is similar to the training/shift times; CP+ don’t have there whole day planned around stateview. This is a 50;50 for me.

Okay, That’s your opinion That’s fine :slight_smile:

Some hosts tell others in general chat when they will host an inspection

Inspection calendar seems like a bad idea
I would say threy should announce it like 30 minutes up front though

yeah but some people have a really messed up clock on their computers like mine it’s 4:00 when the clock says 2:00

You can just change that within seconds pls-

Just announce when the inspection will start EST in the announcements like we do in events and everything is fine (post announcements 30-45 mins before start)

Yea, i agree with this, itd be quite nice

I can agree, an addition is in the discord in both sessions and general something like that announce it and in each time zone and possibly the server IP

Just use discord events. Ask a mod to set it up. Woulf be cool, everyone would be notified, structurwd etc

Yeah that’s another way. That would be good.