Make a Locker room for staff

This would work with a Menu and it would show uniforms available to you currently so If a am a PC (NOT A PC IN-GAME) I can be a Correctional officer and still use my outfit like HiComm

Maybe because I have lost 7 hours of sleep total this week and getting close to running into walls, but I flat out do not know how to respond to this. All I can say is a locker room would be nice for choosing different outfits and all, but you would need to be the already to level for the outfit.

No, it’d look unprofessional
The reason we allow CAC+ to not weir their costumes is bc they’ve done so much for sv
We’re not gonna give every single person that option lmao

When i say it i mean an ERT can use CO uniform if they want it’s what is available to them at that point every level up resets it to their new lvl

Totally agreed.