Make a new-life rule

Often when i use my gun i bought, i get killed and when i respawn i get cuffed and put into solitary or max.
I think there should be a rule which doesnt allow you to cuff or shoot ‘‘innocent’’ players (like how a gaurd in a real prison wouldnt just randomly cuff someone and put someone in solitary) .

Well, you’re half right, when they killed you, that basically means that all of them had their memories wiped, which means that they forgot that you had a gun, and if you showed that gun again THEN they’re allowed to tase, cuff, and put you in max. But since you got killed and DIDN’T show the gun (Thats what your statement says) then they’re not allowed to put you in max.

And for this one there is already kind of a rule that i just stated

i dont get why pople dont read the rules written in the walls

new life rule is already a thing but its not properly being enforced

but ur right we should be enforcing it

well for some reason i couldnt find the rule but i am sure it was written

The situation described by you is an example of cuff abuse. According to staff information, when an armed inmate is spotted, they should EITHER be cuffed, frisked and transported to solitary OR used Lethal Force on.

Cuff rush is a common problem in SV, but there is no rule against it, and it won’t be. In a 30 player server, you can’t just instruct some CO that just joined and has no knowledge of regulations not to cuff an armed inmate on the spot and some guests that bought the gun gamepass to surrender when they are outnumbered etc. The size of the server and the percentage of HR’s vs new people are factors that make a rule like this unlikely to be enforced. 90% of the people on Inmate team are guests…

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Thats some fax right there
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That rule has been here for like a year cant think how people still dont know how to follow it lol

Wait so I was abusing whole time?

What were you doing at the moment you speak of?