Make a Prison transportation system (To get prisoners to status)

I think there should be a item for DW+? Called transporter
It would Line up prisoners and prisoners may leave the line by using a movement button other than jump but prisoners if they leave the line they lose all their items like keycards and guns and when transporting if the line leader dies the entire is let free with all of their items
it would be like a big handcuff and would be limited at 5 prisoners at a time
Reason for DW+ because it can’t be abused that easily because the prisoners are behind you so you can’t put them in any kind of cell it would only be used for transporting as that’s what this is about

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My opinion on this idea: I agree with almost everything in this post, but if an inmate was to leave the line and they would lose any keycards or guns seems to op. I was think instead of that they would just be arrested by anyone around.

Addition to the idea: Instead of having 3 buttons when you have a prisoner(s) you would have 4. They 3 would be normal ones and the 4th one would to set down the prisoner for a set time (to reduce abuse of it). That way the person would be able to get anyone who escapes.

Not bad idea but… this could be abused because as you know DW+ can use VK but we have many abusers. They might line them up and let them escape, line them up and create a BARRIER in the hallways and much more…

I had this in my head but wasn’t thinking of commenting this. But, good edit, it would most likely be an item for much higher ranks.

Why not make it if the item is being held or used in the prison exit area it is taken away from you and all prisoners are reset?

Yeah but they could make walls in the hallways and stuff

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@a31thet1cs Well why not make new hallways where there is a hub and the hub is connected to everything and on different floors and I would not be that hard to make just add stairs to the new floors and take the current rooms and replace them on every floor and some will stay on the ground like yard but CB can go where ever and things like that?

I don’t think the devs want to make new corridors because when changing them, many things could go wrong and they might even need to move or edit other parts of the prison to make that work