Make a system so SSI cannot claim ranks

Please make that suspended security inmates cannot claim ranks so people cannot bypass suspensions/terminations/blacklists because it is so annoying.

If any dev sees this, please update it.


yeah that be a good idea
because ppl a alot of times bypass

Yes, then they get reported, then I have fun dealing with that and having them blacklisted.

Great suggestion & only few lines of code that need to be added.

Yep, all it would take is a
if plr:GetRankInGroup…

It’s not that simple. The thing is, we’ve already programmed it not to rank any user that has Suspended Security Inmate nor Respected Inmate. The problem is caching and players leaving the group. Roblox doesn’t want their servers getting overloaded so they “save” the previous rank the player was at until the players leave.

Using this in a Script , as opposed to a LocalScript , will not get you the most up-to-date information. If a player leaves a group while they are in the game, GetRankInGroup will still think they’re in that group until they leave.

And no, we’re not going to get the players rank in a LocalScript for obvious security reasons.

I made it before, it wasn’t that hard. Also you could just make the “reward” button for CO+ only.

Things are different when you have full 40 player servers. Roblox caches a ton of data and API requests start getting throttled. I already said we do have code in there, and I explained why it’s not effective a lot of the time. Please read through the post more carefully.

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