Make a training for new guards

CO would have to pass a training teaching them the rules of the group and how to properly do things! Because havent we all been there. CO: Cuff abuses You: No! Dont do that! CO: Oh sorry Im new I dont know how to play!


Maybe if they load in there is a short tutorial that they have to follow.


Oh yes this is better! Thanks so much! I really like that!

Yeah, I like that. The issue is that this training isn’t human led. The quiz covers all of these things, including grammar. Even so, people still abuse after taking the quiz, making the training somewhat useless.

co mean commander right if yes i would be happy and train new player rules respect and gun training

This would be amazing! Great idea.

It means Correctional Officer.

Or maybe add a role Called training officer they will have to play and show how active they are and then they can get a promo.

It would be a great idea to let new guards have a training

I disagree with you. I think they would need to do a training. Its the same thing as what we have now but + a new role.

Wasn’t this a thing in Version 1.0?

Yes, and tryouts are still a thing, but they are very rare.

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Agreed a COMM cuffed abused me and left to avoid punishment (LTAP) after I said, I’m Reporting you

they should also add a question can you open the doors at all times and the answer is no.