Make a votekick command

Hi there,

There are many reasons why I think making a votekick command would be helpful.

  1. When there is a raid going on and you can not get to HC offices, how are you going to votekick someone who is spawn killing.

  2. It would be a more discreet way of votekicking someone.

This is how the command would look like:

!votekick {User} {Reason}

Another way this could work is that !votekick brings up the votekick GUI.

How to prevent abuse of this command:
If this command was implemented I suggest making the votekick cool-down longer (around 5 minutes). This would make the amount of false votekicks lower.
Another way to prevent abuse is to allow CAC+ to override votekicks. This would help because I see sometimes helpers in training get kicked.

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

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Good idea but I think if you get raided that much you should just call a CP or FD

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CP+ can already do this and go to the infirmary team the criminals never raid it