Make CO-Comm know more rules

CO-ERT and some Comm don’t know the rules .They Bring inmate to cell in CB time,Bring inmate to max yard without reason and go to Open LD .They do every abuse I hope developer make new system. example: make Video when you get new rank for make they know every rules.
I hope Cop will know rules and have more respect Thankyou.

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Errr, MO-CP sometimes dont even know the rules there are even FD-PC who dont know them.

Most staff don’t know a rule or multiple rules.

yea that so bad many staff don’t know rules it make inmate get bully

huh really you mean FD-PC don’t know rules omg that impossible uhh maybe someone

I saw many FDs and even CACs/PCs bu I cant blame them for it

Sometimes i asked sila and she didn’t even know some rules (she was CWOTB) if you want to be really sure, and you asked BoG- you can always ask poison, cuz he MADE most of the rules lol

Yeah, he was staffing god. Sila, poison and timmy were best leaderships :sob:

I remember when poison was a CAC sad they retired :sob: