Make cuff rushing against the rules

Cuff rushing not only is overpowered, but breaks the roleplay of the game. Huh, a guy is shooting em with an ak? Let me rush him with cuffs and arrest him.
Cuff rushing has long been abused, and something needs to be done about it.

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I should make a rule that you aren’t allowed to cuff rush on inmates, but id you wouldn’t be allowed to cuff rush on criminals, hoe are you gonna get them? If he can shoot me with a AKM which can kill me in half of a second, its gonna be really hard to taze him, as you’ll only get one shot. A better idea would to give criminals 3 “lifes” once they die 3 times, they’ll get back on the inmate team.

Cuff rushing is a tactic used by officers. Depending on how many people are doing the rushing. It would be used to overwhelm them or catch them off guard and get them fast and easy. If you play it smart and hit your shots, then you can outplay them and prevent getting in cuffs.

Thing is, with the AKM, it’s very inaccurate. And, if multiple officers rush you with cuffs, you don’t really stand a chance. In every other commmunity I have been in, cuff rushing was against the rules.
If the officers were to use the tasers to tase a shooter, then arrest them that’s fine, but when players ignore their gun, and taser, and go straight for cuffs, that’s a big red flag that there is a problem.

Hit your shots with the taser. Get better at the game rather than choosing the easiest way.

When would though cuff rushing be considered as cuff rushing? Camping? Simply getting slightly closer and pulling out cuffs when a criminal is in front of you? What if they are jumping around everywhere in Yard let’s say, wouldn’t simply cathcing them with the cuffs be easier than tazing them? What if I just try too taze him some times while chasing him and then cuff him and arrest him? Wasn’t I technically cuff rushing the entire time? But I tried to taze him, but that’s just to assist my cuff rushing.

I personally hate the “kill = respawn, arrest = back to inmate” system. You can’t blame people for cuff rushing if literally the developer made it so you need to get close to them and arrest them to make them inmates again.

A smart criminal in an average lobby will be able to avoid a scenario like this anyway.


Yep, 100% agree, if cuff rushing would be against the rules, I basically wouldn’t be able to get arrested, as the changes of me with a gun that has 30 rounds and a 1.5 second reload time, vs a tazer with 1 round with a 5 second reload time, the gun would easily win.

Everyone Cuff Rushes, I even do it, I mainly do it since the criminals have the post OP guns, and I get killed by just two rounds at a few studs…

If cuff rushing is not a thing all servers would be filled with criminals since cuffing and arresting criminals is the only way to put them back to prison. Criminals have a AKM which is a very powerful gun and can kill a cop in maybe 4 shots and the akm has 30 rounds. Overall Cuff rushing is balanced you just need to keep your distance if your fighting a cop.

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I get 1 shotted at times…

Ye, headshot 1 shots with the AKM its too powerful

It would be impossible to define or to police it.

I don’t think they should made it so it is against the rules cause yes it might affect the gameplay by a little but have you ever considered them spawn killing? It is also op and it also affect the gameplay so it needs to see which side your on either the cop side or the criminal side.