Make Deputy Warden+ To be in the control room

Yes make deputy warden+ to be in the control room because we have some underage commanders and prison inspector abusing the LD and it is getting really annoying and when the underage commanders abusing it and it can help us to stop the underage commanders or prison inspectors from Lockdown abusing.

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I know it is annoying, but we need people like commanders having some privilages, so they will not leave the game, if a person is abusing LD, just votekick him.



No, not in every server is a DW+, the CR should stay like it is. (Except for ERT not being able to use the LD button, this should be added.)

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Or make it that you will click the LD button and then you need to type why and it would be automatically logged

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I can agree with this. Its absolutely annoying to see the lights go to different shades randomly, hearing lockdowns from 5 year old kids for seeing one person escaping. And in general, I think it’s completely unnecessary to have that. I honestly think that should be a place where you can view stall cameras and stuff.

Comqts - Warden

It is annoying sometimes, but new players need to have some power to get to know some things of the game. Sometimes there would not be a DW+ in-game. Adjusting Control Room powers to DW+ would make every rank lower than DW powerless. LD abusers can be easily punished.

There is already a place to view cameras. Its next to the session room.

What I mean is, in the control room they have a camera for EACH cell instead of just the whole cell block.

yeah thats what they should do because people always call LDs and never tell why


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