Make DW and W obtainable by trainings and not levels

They should make DW and W obtainable by trainings only to prevent VKA. This can also let DW’s and W’s learn more about the game.



I am new to the game. I can you please write the full form for VKA?

Form for VKA? Can you elaborate a bit, i would be happy to help!

I wanted to ask what do you mean by the term “VKA”. I am extremely sorry for the late response. If by that you mean Vote Kick Abuse then a simple yes will be much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!

Yup, VKA is vote kick abuse.


This could decrease vote kick abusers, because DW and W would be more trained and know what to do. This could be good, but what about people that already are DW and W? They will need to pass a training to get a rank?

I agree because many DWs abusing their VK powers but many DWs abuser got their rank already and it will be to late do something with it

I disagree to reviving posts
But I agree to it but sadly, it’s been suggested many times and there’s no sign that they’re changing them

did I revive that post?


Yes that post has died 8 months ago

how to see when he died?


Look at the last post and when it was posted