Make HR achievable with levels

Hello there,

This is why I think HR ranks should be achievable with levels.

  1. More Wardens would play.
  2. Higher MAU (YAY!).

Edit: I see everyone’s point in the reply section, but first off, you can not AFK grind (20-minute limit) and second off, how many people do you see at the levels suggested? Also, I have made modifications to my suggestions.
What level for what rank:
CP: Lvl 190
FD Lvl 280
CAC: Level 520
Signed, helloo20l - Warden

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Okay, I have 3 reason why this is just no

  1. Abuse
  2. low lvls for it
  3. NO

There are a couple of fds with 500+ levels this woudnt work it would mess up the rank limits and they could just grind

Sorry but WHAT?
Most People get CP between level 125-200c so this would already be crazy, and i’ve seen quite some wardens with lvl 300+, who dont even speak English.
FD kinda the same as this^^

CAC, there can only he 14 CAC at a time, and there are a lot of requirements, THEY CAN GBAN PEOPLE, AND PROMOTE/DEMOTE/STAFF-WARN/TERMINATE PEOPLE,

This is just a stupid idea, the system should stay like it it now

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No, CAC have full admin powers they can ban people from the game and demote people and FD can host trainings so your idea would mean training are held by people who probably don’t who what they are doing the same with CP and shifts and it’s also not that hard to reach high ranks like CP is being active as a warden and helping with trainings, FD is if you show potential as a CP, CAC is if you are a good FD and then so on like I’m just thinking of a random example mallarows (PC) (I think I spelt it right) started as a MO, then gained PI through levels bought admin pass, then got warden then CP then so on

I absolutely disagree because:

  1. Abusers.
  2. Levels too easy to reach
  3. Encourages AFK Farming
  4. HR Permissions being handed to unknown people in the community.
  5. Not rewarding players working hard.
  6. CAC perms is great responsibility. Not to be handed out to AFK Famers!

Just imagine that everyone is a HR, that would just destroy the game.

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Hello @helloo20l,
I understand that you want to get HR, but levels aren’t really a good way. Also there’s rank limits on CAC & that should be kept. Your suggestion will just lead to abuse, abuse, abuse, abuse & no more than abuse. Worst suggestion on Stateview forum.

As a CAC at Stateview i would say…



I guess. I’m no where close to the levels suggested anyway.

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

You can not AFK farm.
There is a 20 minute limit for being AFK.

SIgned, helloo20l - Warden

  1. Auto-clicker
  2. After that 20 minutes they can rejoin and AFK Farm for another 20 minutes and repeat.

In general, the idea is just not good. Very, very not good.

aleadry removing grammar rule for all ranks would help in MAU hr ranks are very strict to earn because of it they get special powers if they would be for literally playing that would be too leniet if not perks removed fast it would cause to big abuse playing 2 hours daily would help in promotions but only sometimes there are people who can promote resulting in less noticing people
less noticing = less promotions
MAU also helps in noticing only if there are more people who can uhh promote lol
now why you would read this if i can just say something short

spoiler about short text lol

ok it wasn’t really short but shorter i guess

removing grammar rule for all ranks would help in mau because hr ranks are very strict to earn they have perks making them for level would make them more leniet and if commands would not be removed there would be abuse more noticing people and playing 2 hours daily would help in promotions mau also helps
extra things: don’t make these ranks cosmetic pls

Oh, true,

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

This is honestly the worst idea I have heard, I am guessing you are like level 190 or something and you just want CP?

Bad suggestion. I think it would be better to say, that people with level 125 and above CAN be chosen for CP in the traditional way (so being promoted by SHRs.

They just put something on space so they keep jumping

No,simply no. Reason:
HR are persons that are supposed mature and they had worked so hard to get it so i dont wanna see anyone being HR by levels because that person will abuse,im sure of that.

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Hi there,

Nope I’m only level 65.

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

Only if you get cp at level 50000

Well I wish I could support this but I can’t. Two reasons

One: they are two low of ranks
and two: if you make CAC acheveble with a rank they will have to take some of the ability’s