Make it so solitary confinement at lunch gives you solitary and the same with max

Please make it so solitary confinement at lunch gives you solitary and the maximum security yard gives you maximum security they don’t right now and its annoying because you have to rejoin.


I agree, its also annoying first having to walk all the way to mcb, then walking back to put them in lunch sol/max

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I don’t agree. There’s a bunch of people who put inmates in the solitary lunch room for no reason. This would help the abusers.

They put them in there, and unless someone notices they’re pretty much permanently stuck. Having them become a solitary/max inmate for 2 minutes is a lot better.

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Report them there abusers everywhere vote kick them they will probably be kicked
And they can still put them in the cellls

As ZomeDash said, they would be there for 2 minutes only if this update would be added. Normally, if they are placed in sol. cafeteria/ max. sec. Yard they are stuck in there until someone gets them outta there.

This has been added sorry for the revive but if you don’t know.

It has only been added to Solitary Confinement Cafeteria, we are still waiting for our top be added to Maximum Security Yard.


I have no words…


He literally said add it to max yard why are you mad abt that its only been 10 days. Let people recommend what they want i dont get your darn point

Well, it’s fine, he’s complaining about that the thing doesn’t work for him, so like, it’s fine if he revived it, also it’s only a 10 day revive I can live with that

Ok so now Imagine the Combat Training

Think about the Combat Training and the last phase

Just add the area where youre teamed to entrance and boom problem solved, helpers would have to be teamed once theyre at max yard