Make it so you can make how long a prisoner stays in max/sol for

If they abuse this it should lead to a kick or warn, il let the creators decide on this. this could help us because every two minutes a max/sol can just get out and start shooting again. they should also they should make it so you cant switch teams when you max/sol


Due to the new update, max/sol inmates stay in it for 2 minutes only.

folosp2 - Suspended Security Inmate (Former CP).

Yeah ik but it kinda sucks since the inmate usually just starts shooting the place up again but i mean its there game and they can do waht they want with it.

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The whole point of adding a timer that automatically puts them back to the normal inmate team, was to allow people to keep playing the game. A-lot of the time, people will leave someone in max / sol and either forget about them, or never let them out. I’ve seen (and had it happen to me) where people can be in max / sol for close to 30-50 minutes before anyone notices.

Ohh. I think it should be changed to like 5-10 mins then because 2 mins seem really short and don’t seem much like a punishment lol.

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