Make level 75+ able to host shifts?

After a lot of debate over shifts and quotas and stress (that I never did participate in, only watched), I propose a solution. Coming from the perspective of a level 82 Warden who has attended exactly two shifts and has never been promoted once, I believe that at level 75 everyone would have warden already, as well as enough experience to try to host a shift.

I also believe that level 75 is a decent level for keeping abusers and botters down, meaning you wouldn’t have to worry too much as long as the game has a decent anti-afk system in place (which I believe the game does). I also believe that due to the sheer number of people who also have level 75, a quiz somewhere that requires the level should exist in order to sort the knowledgeable from the people who frequent the game just to kill people using gamepasses.

The couple hundred people trying to meet quotas may need their quotas lowered, as the amount of people stepping in to hosts shift would rise, and the need for quotas would fall accordingly. I do not believe that 75 levels and a quiz are enough to keep admin commands safe, as some kind of manual inspection will likely be required, but then again, the commands are being sold for robux.

Lastly, I completely and wholeheartedly expect this to be shot down in the comments, which always sparks interest and will likely lead to a much better solution. This is intended as a base to start off from, even if the idea is never taken seriously.

You need to be Level 75+ anyways to even qualify as a chairperson so yeah, unless they bought their rank.

Problem lies right here, you wrote this because YOU want to host shifts, not because you want something beneficial for the community.

Also before getting CP attending 2 shifts is nothing, the requirements are at least 5+ hardest workers even though you’ll most likely need 15+

Also in previous posts i gave reasons why we shouldn’t do this, just stop suggesting it as its not going to be added.

Overall wardens/DWs already have too much power with VKing

I would like to add that as a mobile player I have little interest in shifts because it is quite difficult to get hardest worker on mobile. Passing the different inmate/criminal scenarios is much harder on mobile than on PC. I also have little interest in actually hosting them, as mobile is not the ideal platform for that. I simply suggested the idea as a half-decent base to start off from, trying to eliminate the trust factor, time factor, and quality factor of most of these arguments.

It’s not really that hard to get hardest worker and helpers on mobile, I’m on ipad and I just got hardest worker two times already today. Over all, I have around 12+ hardest worker in shifts and 2 helpers in trainings. You just have to put in the time and effort. It’s fun once you get the hang of it.

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Wardens trying to host shifts will just be a lot of chaos imagine like 20 wardens trying to host at the same time this would also block CP+ from filling their quotas. Maybe with a trusted warden rank I would say yes for only ‘Co-hosting’.

No, and here’s why it’s only because you want to be warden and not for a proper, logical feature and as for the AA coming from wardens, Don’t even get me started on this! Now I noticed that wardens attend the most shifts then any other rank because they can get captain. If he had a warden hosting and another co-hosting, then there would only be like 3 people attending a shift.

Hope you don’t mind me asking but what is AA? I’ve wanted to know for a while.

It means Admin abuse, Hope that answers your question. :slight_smile:

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I fully disagree with this. Here’s why:

1st: Quota is a thing for CP+ and if wardens can host shift then it’ll be meaningless.

2nd: There’s about thousand thousands of wardens and imagine if they all host shift in every server, it’ll be a chaos.

3rd: Having a level 75+ doesn’t mean you are experienced, it’s just a level.

4th: People will just grind it, patrol and stuff but not even help in trainings or have the requirements to host shifts.


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I would like to point out that an iPad and a phone give very different mobile experiences

There are also more people out here who believe that I simply want admin commands for myself. The initial post was a base for other people, simply as somewhere to start off of and partially for me to better understand the issues around giving wardens the ability to shift hosts.

Actualy this will not works. There is many warden who will abuse it, or just will be cringe.

You need to be Level 75+ and If a warden is 75+ like 257 nd not Chairperson than keep work and active and help max 8times.