Make max security/solitary for PI+

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Lower ranks with valid reasons cant put inmates in max and solitary.
PI is to high of a rank.

Then COMM+. Even commanders abuse but I guess it’s reasonable.

Still no. Max was originally ERT+.

I guess ERT+ might work, but they still can’t really be trusted.

Some can. Just make some sort of reason system.

Or just make CaO/CO not be able to put inmates in max.

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Easier said than done tbf


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Just make a system that detects ranks and restrict CaO and CO from using it?? They did that with police car spawning.

Would take time to implement this, the developers are busy on V3


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Then implement it in V3 I guess?

Contrary to popular belief, cadets and LR’s are usually honest with their work and get more slander than they deserve because of a few bad individuals.

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It’s said that ERT+ can put people in solitary/max, so they can atleast lock it to that?