Make people with CAC+ get trust level 4 level on this wiki

That would be nice, as 4d_x is not too active, and I think that would be a good idea. Also, they should only get level 4 trust level is they are level 3 already.

To learn about trust level go here

Most CAC+ Don’t use the forums, only 3 people not counting jimmy and 4D have trust level 3. Me, blub, and Jonah.

I would like to see a handpick for trust level 4 on the forums with active users, i dont think it should be locked to CAC+ though.


100% agreed with ruby
Gimme morecharacters

Not locked, just active CAC+ should get it if they are regulars.

Only active CAC+ here qre blub and ruby, thats itm

No no and no. Trust levels sorted through Dom.

They should be sorted by him but theyre not so

What’s “Dom”?

Dom is the guy who manages the forums.

We know him better as 4D_x or monkè or d pimpy.