Make promotion training auto promote people on cd that passed

People that passed a promotion training and didn’t get promoted because of cooldown, after the cooldown ends, you should be able to ask CP+ for the rank (+1 from the current one) . Or an automated system.

So basically your saying to remove CD
Jerryomgxu - FD

No, i’m saying that people that passed while on cd should still get the role they should’ve earned. ( after the cooldown obv )

Nah, cooldowns are preventing people from getting ranks too quickly without experience. Attending trainings while in cooldown makes you gain a lot of experience. I dont think this should be implemented. It would also be hard for us cac+ to keep track of

Yes I agree with jonah (as ruby likes to say “ johan”)

That is basically removing CD so ya

What…… no….
Ur supposed to do a training when ur cd is over, else ppl are gonna do 5 trainings while on cd then instantly become W

That’s literally saying to delete the purpose of the Cooldown…

skoseck - Chairperson