Make refill ammo

You can only refill ammo when admin gonna do that or when you are admin. Make everyone able to refill their ammo. I suggest to make it in Corrections Staff spwan and ERT spawn where is table with ammo.

Ammo auto refills so you do not need a “Re-fill table”

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no. It’s not. When I have 0 ammo Its not refills.

Try It yourself and you gonna see there is no auto refill ammo.

As crim go to cim base and refill
As staff go to ERT spawn and refill

Sorry for trying to revive post, but I want tell that this is not working bru.

Just asking how to do it. As crim same.

You can’t refill as Staff at 0 ammo.

Currently there is no way to refil your ammo. The only way to refill your ammo is to die.

Alright. I have an idea nie how to do it without admin.

This needs editing… Cause you need to able to refill ammo

I know it as well. Switch to inmates, and then back to the team you were… Or just get killed by an inmate and give up.

But it would be much quicker if you refill your ammo at 0 without having to change teams or die to a inmate…

Honestly, I don’t see why there is limited ammo, it has no point, except for crims, because then it just becomes too powerful.