Make reforms appeable

The reforms is a punishment but it’s unappealable it’s really unfair because we can’t appeal it,I got reformed bc my PC broke at the same day where I got CP,I appeal for it because now I can host shift and co-host and stuff,but when I appeal they said me it’s unappealable so please make it appeable it’s really unfair :pray::pray::pray::pray:

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Also you should’ve gone on inactivity notice, this prevents you from being reformed.


I agree it should be appealable for things like pc broke, but everyone would go appeal and it would result in the appeals team being really slow in handling other appeals for at least 1 week, possibly more

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God im dumb, they are not, sorry!

Yes, if there are reforms many people would appeal but reforms are rare.

I did but I didn’t got time but it’s unappealable

If you’ve been on IN you shouödnt have been reformed. There needs to be another reason.

I said you I didn’t an IN but it ended bc I didn’t got time to fix my PC but now I can host shift and stuff but it’s unappealable

Why would your IN end?! I dont get that part.

You know what IN is right? Its inactivity notice and if you have a valid reason (which you have) its not gonna end untiö you end it.

You can be on IN for 30 days max

Oh I didnt know. Thanks for clearing this up.

You can bypass IN cooldown for 30+ days if you have perms from Bridgean, the Inactivity Director.

The last time I saw bridgean online was more than a year ago but that’s just me.

Well, now its d13g0 and not bridegan anymore.

No, I do not agree with this. The following reasons:

  • CP’s could be inactive again.
  • May AA again.
  • This is not good for CPs.

When you realize that COs dont have quota anymore :flushed:

COs nrver had blub :smiley: chars chsrs

So what? Cps dont gotta be active, they dont have admin, and why would it be bad? From what ik theyre appealable now anyways for cps

im pretty stupid, bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu