Make restrooms for prisoners & guards

I honestly think you should add bathrooms for the prisoner & guards with the bathroom located across from Showers, and guard bathroom located outside Correctional Spawn.

Fax yo
Someone plz get the timmy image

Here’s the Timmy image


Yo Finally a good suggestion,we really need them for reason we all know!


This trend has started a long time ago, in V1 Luvixis at the time was the one who said we should have toilets, a few weeks after the “SVToilets” was started by staff members Timmyy was screenshotted in a corner.

This trend has been around for a long time, but 4d was categoric every time that there will not be toilets.

Why tho

Did 4D give a reason or somethin?

Not that I remember, but he was categoric.

Thats sad

Inmates already have toilets so why can’t staff have them :frowning:

I mean he could just make a room next to staff spawn or something and copy inmate toilets and paste them in there.