Make schedule for sessions

Make a scedule on when you will host things so people can come and attend. It would be easy then to attend and everyone will be happy. I think this is a great way to make people active so and we don’t have to sit in pc 24 hours to attend a training.

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Greekui9ii3 - Facility Director

Do you know how much backlash Frankie got when he presented a similar idea?

This is really two sides:

  • CO - W would like this idea because it would pre tell them what time sessions are going to be hosted.

  • CP/FD wouldn’t like this because it’s just annoying and giving them time management pressure. Plus they would be given less freedom on what times they are allowed to host.

(I’m only a Warden and don’t know much about CP perspective so no hate if I wrote it wrong)


No, it would only cause less activity

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I’m a CP and what you are saying about the MR side is very true. We would only be able to select times for sessions and this could pressure us with trying to be ready before the session.

No. Frankie attempted to add this but the backlash was insane and i see why. A few time zones were getting screwed over by it. If any CP’s in CST had school/work they would be pretty screwed as they would need to host early or late.

Another reason this idea wouldn’t work is because people dont plan their weeks around stateview. I would understand a schedule for inspections but not for shifts/trainings.

Facility director

Exactly why I made a topic about frankie, he was about to implement it even tho he had 0 supporters. He even did, it got removed tho.