Make Senior Ranks

I feel some ranks should have a Senior Modifier when i say that I mean some ranks like CP in the senior form then can host Shifts without a supervisor
Same thing with FD the senior rank they can host trainings alone
This is only for ranks trusted by PC or BoG+
For Example I am a FD and know very well all the rules and how to host trainings if a PC or BoG+ think I can host alone they can give me the senior counterpart of FD
This can be used to give ranks more perms without giving them commands they may not understand how to use

My answer to this is plainly No.

Signed By a Former CP

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Ye I don’t agree with this its never really a problem for CPs to find a Supervisor most of the time and it can take 1-8 Hours but normally 1-3 Hours

Well sometimes it is a problem to find supervisors but with senior ranks added they can be able to host alone but not have access to the next admin-level commands

No, they can just work their way up, for FD it might be useful but not for CP

Well some CPs may not be ready for the higher Admin lvl but can def handle host solo so why make them go through that + it leaves more available supervisors

Not CPs hosting solo pls, thry rlly arent ready for that

Well some CPs are ready for more but not more permissions/commands
Some CPs can handle it but cannot handle the new sets of commands because they may not understand them
But other CPs can handle the new commands and understand them and they would get a promotion to FD

I can see this as a way to help Stateview prevent people from using commands they don’t understand that could be bad for others

Such as a new FD uses srlock and that FD was only a CP when they had no admin, they may use srlock and not know they locked SR and a CP wants to host a shift but they cannot unlock SR and they have to get a FD+ in the discord then go through all of that extra trouble yes it’s a easy fix but CPs don’t always have the best time so when they do have time that takes it out then limiting it for their shifts to be shorter
It can help save time and trouble for CPs and it makes it so CPs take less time because if someone else wants to host after they can sooner

If i missed anything or don’t make sense its because this is alot on this topic and thinking of a idea to use as a example

CPs need a supervisor anyways

If they’re ready and deserve the commands they just get FD