Make #Sessions notification/CMDS for Deputy Warden+

Add/make a notification role or make it a follow channel so that we get a notification when there is a training/shift/riot.

Also add CMDS for Deputy Warden+, Not everyone has 1400R, So if there could be a way to let Deputy Warden+ give CMDS that would be nice.

No, please dont. If anyone should get them, it should be warden+ and it should only be view and pm AND im already very hesitant about that, as you can see where crims are. Dw is a easy rank to get, so its easy to abuse.


Dont add them for Deputy wardens+ or even Wardens+ It should be for CP due to you need to work very hard, not play for 2 days.

Personaly I agree with notification role like a reaction role

yea these cosmetics can be uselees to have some admin that is powerful but can use only on yourself (maybe not now that cosmetic)

Make it W+, and only give them chatlogs, pm, and view.