Make the gym equipment usable

Making the gym usable would make roleplays alot more fun. Also it could make aspects like you may look stronger. Or officers would think your more of a risk. It may up roleplays and inmate count too.


I have a feeling theres not a reason for this, since if you interact with them it wont do any good to escape prison or get any farther than you are.

Ngl this is a rlly good suggestion, if they would add this together with punching, they could make new players start off 1 damage/punch, and if you keep training it would be able to be maxed out till 10 damage/punch.


Yea I guess it would be, but I think something like a wanted update should come with it to make sure theres not just some unknown criminal smacking every officer in sight, and I also think it should only go up two more levels in punch damage since I feel like that would be OP since its free and doesnt sound like it would take long to get buff.

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If Sv brings back punching please also make a mobile punch button.