Make the M4A1 Rank exclusive, not team

I see a lot of people say they like playing on CO because CO has no riot vest, but they don’t get the M4 and that can be frustrating. Thats why we should try and add the M4 to ranks ERT and above, and not ERT team.

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I think that it is made only for ERT for a reason, it is becouse normal officers have only pistols irl, and like “special” officers (like ERT) have more heavy weapons, like M4A1.


Wouldn’t be really realistic, you are correctional staff, they aren’t supposed to have big guns.

Well I agree if this was based of a real life thing they would have gun at all unless you went up to the tower. And they don’t have tasers so I agree.

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This could be tied in to a new armory room. Ever notice that slot outside between the max cells and the session room stairs? perfect size for a small armory. If the M4A1 spawner is moved to this new armory room, it would remove all material value for criminals from the officer spawns, allowing an invisible spawn barrier addition to keep spawn killing way down. This solution solves your problem as well as the spawn killing one.

No, it wouldn’t be realistic, but constant raiding isn’t either, and nor is the ability to infinitely respawn