Make the power going out not affect SR

I request that the power going out stops affecting the Sessions Room so that with trainings we can still see and for shifts pictures can still be taken for proof and not be in the dark. Either this or give all officers flashlights for when the power goes out.

I agree with giving officers flashlights, good shout.

Still SR has the boxes for scenarios that are already bright yellow and It was done on purpose so in case of a power off situation and In the middle of a training (Scenarios) you can see if you are going out of the box or not…
But the idea with the flashlights I like as they would add more to the RP.

skoseck - Warden

Agreed, a dark sr is incredibly annoying

Couldn’t the CAC+ just use “to me” and go turn the power back on? Or would that be admin abuse

First off, its admin abuse due to it giving you an advantage and second off, doesnt even work. Its like the barrier in city. You cant just go through it it will tp you back

How did you figure this one out jonah :eyes:

I mean like using to me to get out of SR and THEN go to the high comm office and getting the card (They changed position back to original I think)

Private server did a testing lol