Make the radio bigger

That simple, make the radio bigger and collapsible for pictures. It’s annoying having this small radio and I can’t read anything more than like 5 words.

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Can I ask if you are playing on computer or phone?
On computer I can see I think 10 words max. On phone sure it is not big.

If it’s bigger the people that are behind the radio (on your screen) you can’t see them

4D said a while ago that some features from the 500k update are coming back.

The two features we know that are returning are the ability for members on the High Command team to cuff other staff and the radio from the 500k update to return with multiple channels.

The revamped radio was readable. In trainings and inspections, you could see messages clearly but many members in the community didn’t like it for multiple reasons.

  • There was only one channel and not three which made listening to instructions in sessions difficult.
  • The radio would turn off outside of the prison or when the power went out which made communication in FRPs impossible.
  • The radio didn’t have any rank callsigns which meant you couldn’t tell if you were talking to an MO or a Warden.

(For high commands)

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