Make the showers larger

Hello, I always have a problem when the status is on showers, so, the problem is that the showers are little, more when there’s a lot of inmates, there’s a lot of chaos, for example, one inmate use a gun and staffs start shooting him/her and inmates can be killed too it that process, sometimes they can spawn kill without knowing.
My idea is to make the showers larger and divide the showers in a wall.
That’s all, thanks.


I completely agree, every time I go into a server where the status is showers, it’s absolute anarchy.


I think it is a good idea, I have seen both POVs and the showroom really does need a work on

Please do it every time in showers the whole server is inside and it’s realy cramped and a lot of riots happen by one guard meaning to cuff/tase/shoot someone else but the accidentaly shoot someone else