Make trainings harder

I think trainings should be harder. It’s way too easy to pass for the rank that it can give, allowing you to easily get MR. Trainings being so easy just make way too many SIs, and I think the jump from LR to MR should be taken more seriously, as it’s a rather large jump in responsibility and it might be too sudden for some people. Also it would limit the amount of hungry SIs begging for people to host, which would make everyone happy.

I think yes that they should be a bit harder, but, imagine the even lower ranks. They will have to much difficulty in trainings.

Maybe make something different for Wardens if they’re trying to get MR, so its a normal training for CAO-DW, but Wardens have to do another thing, maybe on leadership to prove they can be an MR.

I don’t think it should be harder I just think the grading should be the same except for w+ which is 4/4 sections instead of 3/4

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