Make V1 free to play?

Hi! Out of curiosity, what do you guys think? Mine would be [spoiler]to make it free.[/spoiler]

  • Who cares
  • Noooooooo… V2 better!

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Have a nice day!


I dont really care, as i dont play it, but its not fair to the people who bought gamepasses, and played it.


I would like it to be free so I can write the V1 part of the SV wiki I made. shameless self ad

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Its not a self add, we want new people to be able to get correct facts about the game

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I hope they make it free again because I spent 1400 robux.

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wikis arent fun to edit in the future
it literally takes months or years to get more active wiki editors
it also depends on how many players that play sv want to edit on fandom
but you can edit it still if you want
its just because you need more volunteers or contributors to help you

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Yes, I agree. Not spent much as you but spent about 950.

I think it should be free because, if you bought a gamepass in it you can even use it.

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

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I do have enough robux to buy that game lol

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Vote Closed | The majority of the Voters requested for V1 to be free. @dpimpy