Map Expansion . Solitary/Max update

Remove 2 min timer from Solitary/Max.

Solitary and Maximum Security cell block is right close to the front entrance. I think this should be obvious that the most dangerous inmates should not be held so close to an exit.

The cell block itself should be moved to a 3rd floor, only able to be accesed by stairs so to leave the prison you will have to get through all of the rooms/floors leading from the new cell block which would be at the 3rd floor the top, so top to bottom and would be far from an escape point. There could be seperate Lunch, Yard, Shower Facilities for these inmates, so the dangerous inmates never have to see a regular population inmate again!

2nd floor could be a medium security inmates cell block.
There could be added rooms or long hallways to obstruct escape by making it longer to walk to.

ERT+ Is only able to access doors in 3rd floor.
ERT+ could access special hallways and areas to traverse around the prison. - cell block easier…


The reason I think 2 minutes is not enough time and should be removed and up to staff is before when there was no time there was so much roleplay value in max/sol. Guards would transport the most dangerous inmates to status, specific rooms (solitary lunch , max yard) where the cell block is atm and how the building is so linear its so easy to escape as the cell block that houses the most dangerous inmates it shouldn’t be close to an exit. I kill 40 guards I get 2 mins solitary I come back and kill 40+ more. It’s unfair staff shouldnt have to deal with me for atleast 10+ minutes if I caused that much chaos.

Lol that’s funny

I totally agree with you though.
Move the max and sol inmates away from the exit
Maybe make a system so you put in a reason and it shows the suggested time

And also maybe make it so you can have DW and medium security inmate
So then the LSIs the MSIs and the Max security and sol don’t have to bare watching at each other
Same thing with LSI

I love this idea.