Max or solitary

I think it’s a good option for the max and solitary to get the timer removed because if ur in max 2 min is not engough to go to max yard for example and eat in the solitary confiment.

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I kinda agree. But I’d say make a timer for like 10 minutes? Not remove it completely.

To make it worse, if you put someone in max for trying to kill a cop, they will get out in 2 minutes and it would all start again. So yeah. I’d say make the timer longer.

I agree. It would need to be a bit long. We could also have a feature where if a solitary/max inmate leaves during their sentence and join back to get out of max/solitary, they rejoin in the same team.

This would just make people switch teams even more.

That is a problem but DW+ can kick them then. When they just get out after 2 mins we cant kick them because its no valid reason. If the time would be 10 mins for Max the sitzation will get more in the control of the staff. Also I would say sol should be like 5 mins or something

Yea or the creators could make a feature so you can’t switch teams while in max or solitary

It would be a good idea but there are a lot of cuff abusers so having to wait like more than 5 minutes would be very annoying.


Jerryomgxu - FD