Max / sol inmates respawn frisked

ok so this is to prevent people with gun gamepasses from just respawning and killing everyone all over again, for this to work you would have to frisk the inmate before putting him in sol / max, otherwise their weapons will stay

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I disagree with this because there is no point in buying a gamepass if you are just going to stay frisked after your time at max/solitary ends. Plus, people could just re-join the game to get their items back

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They rejoin the game they get banned very simple :slight_smile:

That is why I came up with this post. It can remove the gun game pass permanently, if it takes off.
Here: How prisoners obtain firearms and an idea to making it more entertaining to obtain them with a challenge in order to have a gun
(Sorry for the stupid long title, I can’t figure how to edit my post anymore. Also, there is a TL:DR at the bottom. If you can, let me know about what you think, thanks.)