Max/Solitary rework

I feel like the timer for Max/Sol inmates makes the game less enjoyable. Being taken to Max/Sol feels more like a timeout rather than a warning that reminds officers to pay attention to the inmate.

My Proposal:
-Rework to timer so that after a set amount of minutes, the player returns as a normal inmate
-Allow CO+ to change the status of an inmate or max inmate
-Change respawn locations of Max inmates depending on the set status
-Restrict Max/Sol inmates from having gamepass contraband

Respawn location outline:
Inmate Status: CB, Showers Max/Sol Status: Max CB
Inmate Status: Yard Max/Sol Status: Max Yard
Inmate Status: Lunchroom Max/Sol Status: Max Lunchroom

If you have any additions or changes, please let me know.

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CO’s can’t be trusted, they will prob abuse this


Maybe adding from w+ and not co+

Pretty good but this is not the best, as it makes it even more boring, because they cannot escape.

Right now, it’s basically a 2 minute ban if you don’t have a gamepass.

No just leave the current system its already okay.