Maybe a 2x exp weekend

And also maybe a sniper rifle for the ert+ so if prisoners try to escape we can easily kill them so that they don’t become a criminal and raid the prison.

From where do you plan on sniping at?

You do realize you can “snipe” someone with a tazer from the prison exit all the way to the gate right? Why would you need a sniper rifle? Also the m4a1 has pretty good accuracy.

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No to the title and No to the idea.
This is horrible.
EXP is set to determine activity.
Snipers would be OP so no.

Could possibly do a 2x xp weekend, when was the last time we did one?

Idk when the last one was but I dont think exp event is a good idea. Levels are suppised to show how active someone is, if you afk farm ir sth over the weekend they would make 100 levels + what is way too much.

The towers in the prison in a server we were overrun by criminals and we couldn’t even go out the door to shoot I think snipers would be good for situations like that.

That’s only one situation, when else would you use them? Killing escapees wouldn’t be enough to add sniper rifles.

I think it would be good for long range combat in general to be honest.