Meke the sol/maximum security time release longer

two minutes are soo little meke it like guards can say time or something like that because it is useless now
soo if you can make it like this it will be better


If you make it longer, you effectively make people leave the game.

It doesn’t make it better. It makes it more worse.

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or prisoner can choose if he want be solitary normal or max security in start of the game

That doesnt make sense, because why would someone want start as a max security or solitary lol
Solitary/max is a punishment for who is breaking rules (like being closer to door, entering registered areas or having a illegal weapon etc), so i dont think people will want start as punished

I think we should have alternatives rather than getting to decide ourselves. A lot of people would abuse that kind of power. I think having a 2 minute timer, 4 minute timer and a 6 minute timer would be better. Adding onto this, a handy feature would be the max/soli inmates being teleported automatically when the status changes, because a lot of people just put inmates in max/soli and then forgets about them, making the inmate leave the game. I understand that this auto teleport feature definitely has it’s cons, for example, if the door to the max inmate yard or the solitary lunch room isn’t closed, the high risk inmate could easily escape. But I think that adds some of the fun to it. Overall, it’s a good concept, but it needs a lot of polishing and perfecting for it to execute in a way that is fair to everyone.

That is where you are wrong i want to be max.

Oh ok :woman_shrugging: as you wish then, sorry

I very much agree. It’s too short for punishments.