Message for Lockdown

Add a message for when someone switches on lockdown which tells you who switched it on because sometimes people abuse it or put it on for no reason/invalid reason.

Also: maybe add a warning before you can switch it on, explaining valid reasons to have a lockdown.


Or just add LD logs in discord fir FD+ to see.

Yes Logs for Lockdown Would be Great!
then CP+ can see Who Abused Lockdown.

I agree, they should add a Lockdown Logs command, which will be a plugin in the Basic Admin Module. Aside from that, I think they should add so that when you add lockdown, it will ask you to add in a reason to prevent abuse.

i got a good idea that they could do for lockdown they should add whats the reason for lockdown and they have to type it in in order to turn on lockdown and the LD logs thats a good idea too.
signed 317goldpowerranger