MO-W can use PM

I think Regular people should be able to use PM i mean it is just useful if you want to report to a CP or talk to someone privately, honestly i dont see why its not already a feature


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Even pm command can be abused, if someone wants to use it, he should be “verified” so that’s why admin commands are so expensive. I think they should be 2000 robux instead of 1450 becouse I seen so many gamepass admin abusers, in ban-logs, and punished by me.


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You can either talk to CP directly in-game, or use /w to talk to others privately, so no use.

what if people can block abusers from being able to pm you its like any other block feature it would stop the abuse

like if you tried to pm someone that blocked you, you couldn’t

PM Command, You can use /w (user), Not needed.

You cant as its proximity chat. It wont show up if they are somewhere else.

Oh yeah. True i forgot, They should not add it though , There is a radio.

Just get proof and report in intel.

I think they should give W do that they can pm host/Co-Host scenario passers in a training.

I feel like there are better reasons, its easier for the host to just get a DM on discord. Honestly i feel like they shouldn’t get the pm command though. It would make reports on wardens for harassment skyrocket, along with false sessions. Wardens could use pm to get people to the sr easily. Sad that people would abuse this often but its life.

Wardens aren’t really trusted enough for commands like this. As long as you know what you are doing and are fairly active getting CP shouldn’t be extremely hard either. So yeah. Wardens probably shouldn’t get this.