Mobile gameplay entirely ruined thanks to dynamic buttons

There are a few issues destroying the gameplay experience on mobile in this latest update, to such a degree that the experience is near unplayable (and definitely not enjoyable on mobile).

By far the biggest crime is the removal of the fixed “E” button and replacing it with a dynamic open/close button on the doors, which is even smaller than the E button and now also moves.

It’s nearly impossible to hit the button on mobile, often requiring 3-4 taps for me to open/close a single door.

I don’t understand what prompted anyone to remove the fixed button position we used to have on mobile. It worked and my finger knew where to press, now it’s complete chaos and I’ve stopped playing entirely, almost exclusively because of this issue. It’s just not fun spending 70% of my time turning around to close doors.

A few things make this worse:

  • The forced FPS perspective when unholstering, but no auto-zoom out when holstering again, so I get stuck in FPS on mobile (hit box to zoom out manually is like 10x10px and a major pain), so now not only is the door button dynamic, I also need to turn 180 degrees and aim directly at it and then tap like 7 times. For every single door I go through. It sucks.
  • The radio channel button somehow got even smaller on mobile now, despite being almost impossible to hit in v2 already.
  • The UI says “Y to hide” on the radio, but there’s no corresponding hide button on the mobile UI. The radio now takes up around 15% of my game screen - and overlaps the door buttons which already annoy me.

My first two days at Stateview, before v3, were amazing. I was planning on sticking around and maybe shooting for chairperson one day. As it stands now, after v3, that is completely broken. I now spend more time trying to play the game, than I spend actually playing it.

I’d like to suggest three easy implementations to solve this and make the server playable on mobile again:

  • Roll back to a fixed position E button or similar, instead of putting the tiny buttons on the doors themselves.
  • Add a button to toggle first person mode on and off, or auto zoom out to third person when a player holsters their weapon (like you do if they draw a keycard).
  • Scale up the channel button on the radio window and make the window itself possible to hide or resize on mobile.

Implementing those three simple solutions would make all buttons once again clickable for mobile users and wouldn’t cost you all those players when they realize they can’t play.

Thanks for reading.

You are so right! They removed “E” button to make room for two buttons (Stomt and Revive) which we barely use anyway! I think they can easily solve this with “temporary buttons”. Normally, we would have the Crouch, Punch and E buttons (and sprint by default), when we hold a gun, Crouch, E, Down, Fire, First-Person toggler (maybe get rid of the Down button if there are too many buttons since it doesn’t do much and it doesn’t affect the gameplay, unlike other essential buttons) and when we are near a dead body, Crouch, E, Stomp and Revive.