Mobile glitch (ruins game)

Please include the following in your reports.

  • Description:whenever I die the buttons on the screen dissapear making it impossible to do snthing besides shoot in the spot you tap, can’t even sprint pr punch
  • How often does it occur?:anytime a mobile user dies on a mobile device.
  • Where does it occur:anywhere.
  • How to reproduce:die with a gun equipped/out on a mobile device
  • Video showing the bug:can’t put it on but i have it dm me on discord (Progaming_0506)
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You can upload it on YT and put the Link in here that works.

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I have actually never seen this happen to me whenever I play on mobile.

Radio radio
SYSTEM // “This message was unable to send, YADA YADA that”
My radio keeps bugging whenever I join

This is a known issue that everyone is having.

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